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Dr. Gary is not a licensed Medical Doctor, Psychotherapist, Marriage Family Therapist,  Social Worker, and does not imply to diagnose treat physical or mental illness.  His service is  vocational and avocation in  nature using personal mentoring and coaching tools implementing clinical THETA work, and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) modalities.  Dr. Gary encourages you to always consult with your primary care doctor when implementing any health related program with him, to assure your safely.

Your self-talk is the key to your success.....Really!

There is no question -- you can do this.  It's just a matter of asking yourself, "Will I allow myself to learn some new ways of dealing with things."  Most of the time, many of our behaviors are nothing more than a thinking challenge rather than a psychological problem.  Keep in mind, Thoughts are Things.   Change the way you think about things and the things you think about will change. It sounds easy and it actually is.  Change does not have to take years. The truth of the matter is, the mind learns things rather quickly and it does not unlearn things. It is not magic that make change happen, it is intention and commitment.  My method of helping people change phobias, addictions, habits, and behavior is simple.  Our thoughts create feelings, which then create an environment for behavior which then become the building blocks of our actions, which then become our patterns which create our reality and the life we live. 

Thoughts=Feelings=Behavior=Actions=Our Life.

Neuro Fitness is about mental fitness and the ability to enhance the mind body connection.  The cornerstone of the Neuro Fitness System is a system I developed, which I call NeuroImaging.  It is a simple collaboration of several powerful mind enhancing tools, joined together in one computer driven system.  The NeuroImaging system uses algorithms which drive a stream of frequencies to you the user.  The system incorporates; Laser Induction and Acoustic Saturation, which give clients the results they want quick, by inducing an amazingly relaxed state which then allows auditory change programming to be received at a deeper level than full Beta consiousness..  By using this tool the, Neuro Fitness Institute has created hundreds of happy clients over the past twenty plus years in practice, resulting in profound permanent results.  This system is designed to help you reach an amazingly relaxed state of mind.  The more relaxed you are, the better you learn and can accept new information at a deeper level where lasting change happens.   It optimizes the best change mechanism in the universe, "Your Mind."  Call now to get started. 


These photos show the main control center for the NeuroImaging Optimization System, (NIOS.)  This is the second generation prototype and is the current system in use today. This highly advanced bio-accustic feedback system is the cornerstone of the Neuro Fitness Protocol.  The NIOS system is at the cutting edge of frequency generated behavioral change technology.  Dr. Daniel is the developer of the system and the treatment protocols.  There are only two of these systems in clinical use worldwide, and they are both exclusive to the Neuro Fitness Institute, located in Santa Rosa, California and Scottsdale, Arizona.  The NIOS system uses bio-accoustic and laser stimulation technology to create an optimal neurological entrainment environment to induce deep relaxation and stress reduction in a person.  It is the closest experience one will have of floating through time and space and reaching a feeling of extreme comfort, relaxation and euphoria.  The NIOS technology, through its use of  frequency generation, brings it's clients to the well known "attraction state," talked about in "The Secret" and the "Law of Attraction."

NeuroImaging ... The Art and Science of Achievement Through Mental Imaging

Dr. Gary Daniel, Ph.D.
Motivation and Behavior Specialist
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