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About Dr. Gary 

Dr. Gary Daniel
Motivation and Behavior Specialist

"Executive Coaching at an all new level."

 Recognized for rapid systems for change in the field of  behavioral science, Dr. Daniel is known for his gentle rapid approach to creating changes in a persons life.  Whether it is stress, trauma, pain, behaviour or success in business.   He is the developer of NeuroImaging, which is the incorporation of several proven therapeutic healing modalities and high technology to create a simple but powerful process to facilitate change quickly with predictable results.  Dr. Daniel is a published co-author with Deepak Chopra, Bernie Seigle, Dean Ornish, and others in a book titled, "The Heart of Healing," from Elite Books.  This powerful book is a testimony to the powerful work Dr. Daniel is creating in the next generation of personal development and healing.

Dr. Daniel's twenty-five plus years in the field of mind-body healing, plus operating a  private practice has afforded his clients a proven way to handle the changes they want in their health, attitude, well being, and personal performance. Dr. Daniel has created a system that is so effective in private phone conferences.  These personal mentoring calls have allowed his clients to have success in cities across the country. These clients range from business people, celebrities, students, sports professionals and, like minded people just like you.  Dr. Daniel's  NeuroImaging system is designed to create fast results using private phone conferences.  This process alone has enabled hundreds of people across the country to be able to take advantage of his powerful techniques to improve their lives.  His sessions are enlightening, enjoyable and yield measurable results quickly. 

The first step to make the changes you want, is to get started.  It is simple, just call and set a time for a complimentary evaluation at no cost or obligation to you.  This is the first step in achieving your goal.  You will talk personally with Dr. Gary, and review your objectives.  During this consultation  Dr. Gary will evaluate the challenge you have, then explain his strategy and plan to get the results you want.  Every plan is exclusive to the individual.  There are no two people that are the same, and  Dr. Gary knows every treatment plan must match the client and their challenge. 

The sooner you start, the faster you will get where you want to go.  Many people under estimate their own ability to get what they really want out of life.  Many times, the changes you require are small.  What if the changes you require in your life, were simple, and all it will take is a little adjustment in the way you think?  Many of Dr.Daniel's  best clients say, " This was easier than they thought it would be."   These programs are designed to create the growth and the changes you want in your life. You deserve the life you want.  Call to reserve your appointment and get started NOW


 Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
 Master Practitioner, International Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming
 Lifetime Member International Association of Counselors and Therapists
 PhD, Transpersonal Psychology, Wesbrook, Unv. Aztec, NM, 1994
NeuroImaging ... The Art and Science of Achievement Through Mental Imaging

Dr. Gary Daniel, Ph.D.
Motivation and Behavior Specialist
Phone:  707-566-7760

 7702 Doubletree Ranch Road, Suite 300., Scottsdale, AZ

516 B Street, Suite B, Santa Rosa, CA