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What others say about Dr. Gary
I am forever grateful for the time I have spent training with Dr Gary Daniel. Without his strength, guidance, and willingness to teach me what is possible, I would not be where I am today. I consider the time together some of my most treasured moments of learning in this lifetime.
Bryan Hepler
Founder of Tathata Golf
Scottsdale, AZ

I am based in the UK and recently discovered your videos on the Internet – thank goodness!

For years I have been interested in NLP and the mind etc. Like many people, I have read lots of self-help books and although they have motivated me there has always been something missing. Affirmations are fine but at the end of the day it has felt a bit like “telling someone WHAT to do – but not GIVING them the tools to actually do it!

When I discovered your website and “tune up” videos everything became a lot clearer. I am sure that many people have said this (always nice to receive a complement) but you make complex things seem very simple and you are a great communicator. I truly believe that communication is a major problem in the world today i.e. poor communication on a human level.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I watched most of your videos now and this has stimulated me into action. It was a significant day this week when the great Nelson Mandela passed away and I decided to mark this day by taking action – I have booked to go on a professional NLP Practitioner & Coaching training course.

As you will probably know, NLP is probably not as well established here in the UK, although most people have probably heard of it. The Brits have a different mentality and anything “out of the box” is a bit strange to mainstream society. However, I want to promote the great work that you do (when I have my NLP accreditation) and in some small way to also help people here in the UK.  I like the way you are down to earth and “different” in your approach. People actually get that when you speak to them and this is what I would like to do – not just the normal “painting by numbers” scenario. Does that make sense or am I waffling?

Would there be any way I could work with you in some way to promote your brilliant work (do you have any audio products or things we could promote?) here in the UK. I am not a kid (56 years old) so please don’t think that I am being naive. It’s just that I feel very enthusiastic and excited about this and looking forward to being able to communicate NLP in an effective way – as a new career path – or implementing it into the business coaching I currently offer. I appreciate that you must get hundreds of emails and there types of requests. However I am sincere.

Thanks for your excellent work and the positive energy you generate!

Best regards



Graham Stuart & Associates Ltd

Business Development Consultants

"Dr. Gary is a stellar executive, mentor, coach and speaker with a warm personality filled with genuine caring and ability to translate his ideas into clear presentational formats that not only educate but engage his clients/students.
Dr. Gary is one of those rare coaches who are both analytical and creative using those talents to build leaders. It has been inspiring to watch Dr. Gary as he mentors his students; his insight, dedication and integrity are second to none. Dr. Gary is a rare kind of visionary who can do it all. I have met many outstanding people in my profession, yet I seldom come across someone who is so approachable and down to earth. Meeting Dr. Gary was a defining moment in my professional career. I would not be where I am today without him. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with Dr. Gary."

Carina Whitham, President, CEO
Whitham Group
San Fransisco, CA
Dr. Gary Daniel is an amazing person and can provide an array of valuable services, such as career coach, life coach, counseling, curing of physical ailments, improvement on your golf game, sleeping habits, addictions, and personal development. Dr. Gary Daniel is known for his gentle rapid approach to creating changes in a persons life, whether it is stress, trauma, pain, behavior or success in business. Anyone and everyone can benefit from sessions with Dr. Gary
Service Category: Career Coach, Menor, Mental Fitness
Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)  Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Sara Baxter, Esq.
Several years ago I had the fortune to meet Dr. Gary who was referred to me by a trusted friend. During that time I was seeking counsel in dealing with several difficulties in my life. I experienced an amazing amount of personal growth, and felt much relief, as a result of the personal coaching sessions with Dr. Gary. I was so moved by his positive affect that it inspired me to participate in the NLP classes that he offers. After taking the courses and becoming certified in NLP, I've noticed even more profound changes occuring in my beliefs and in my understanding of the impact our thoughts and words have on ourselves and others. Now, and going forward, I am armed with tools to better help myself and others. This experience has forever changed my life and I'm so grateful that I met Dr. Gary. He is committed and dedicated to helping those around him and I have personally witnessed the transformation in the people who have worked with him. I can literally see the positive imprint on the lives he has touched. Dr. Gary will always be my dearest friend and I feel much love and gratitude to have him in my life. 

-Pamela Echegaray 
Financial Executive
My spouse and I have been a clients of Dr. Gary Daniel over the past eight years or so, jointly and individually, and his professional services as a counselor have been invaluable.  He has contributed greatly to maintaining and improving our relationship during stressful times, and improving our lives overall.  He is a good listener, compassionate and understanding.  He always seems to know the right things to say and never fails to make you feel better about yourself and your station in life.  His insight, knowledge and wisdom regarding human behavior and inter-relationships enriches every person that that listens to him or works with him.   As professionals ourselves, when the situation arises my wife and I do not hesitate to refer new clients to Dr. Gary.
Joe Parks
Legal Consultant
I would like to tell you that your program has been very beneficial in my life.  As you know it took me two years to be able to take your wonderful NLP class.  I've recovered from a recent heart attack which was brought on by stress.  I believe if it wasn't for NLP and its many powerful tools in assisting me in my recovery.  I wouldn't be here today.  Bless you for all the people like myself, that I know your program has saved. 
-Jane Marney  
Business Woman
I just want you to know it has been a fabulous addition to my practice to have the tools and skills I learned by taking Dr. Gary Daniel's NLP course. I have incorporated the techniques into my nutrition practice and have been getting wonderful, and even amazing results with my clients. They have been recommending me to their friends and family for non-nutrition issues because they experience such positive results on a variety of levels. In addition, I have benefited tremendously myself from having taken the course. I find that I have clearer thinking processes and have more insight into other peoples thinking too. It has also helped me understand my children better (and know when they are lying). It is an amazing skill set and I am grateful to have taken the course!
-Linda Partida
Health Coach
I came to Dr. Daniel as a client and was so impressed by the results and the methods he used, I became a  student.  I use the skills I have learned for both my personal and my professional life with amazing results. In my opinion, Dr. Daniel is both an outstanding professional, a great instructor and a compassionate person. I have benefited greatly from the coaching I have received and recommend him to friends and family.


-Lynette Yeager
Health Care Management Professional

My name is Shannon Moran and I have been a client of Dr. Gary Daniel since 2006.  He has helped me in numerous areas of my life.   The most important things he has taught me are how to take care of myself and how to become more positive.  He gave me the tools I needed in some really hard times to pick myself up and move forward.    He helped me to find my inner strength which gave me the ability to learn from my mistakes and move on.  Through this process he became not only a mentor to me but to my teenage daughter as well.

He has a direct approach which is very useful and empowering.  He is very kind and generous and I can't thank him enough for all that he has taught me.  I use these tools daily and if I should become down, I know he is always available to remind me of my strengths and abilities.  I have and will continue to refer people to Dr. Gary Daniel as he has changed my life as well as several of my friend's lives and for this I am grateful.

- Shannon Moran

Administrative Asst.


When I met Dr. Gary for the first time I went in at the recommendation of a friend. As a Board Certified General Surgeon, I am the world's biggest skeptic. I expected a "new age" "guru" with some feel good mumbo jumbo.

At our first meeting, about  ½  way through Dr. Gary said something, I forget what, and I received immediate feedback in my gut that in fact I was right..this guy is a flake!  He immediately said the exact same thing using just a few different words and body gestures. I was immediately, in my brain, saying to myself  "you know that makes a lot of sense to me". He smirked and laughed and said "do you know what I just did to you?"  "I NLP'd you".

That was the beginning of a long relationship that continues to this day. The NLP for Business Course was terrific and very helpful in my current Anti-Aging business.

Whether it is personal growth, business or life coaching, or personal problem resolution Dr. Gary is the guy to call. Forget the psychology and the psychiatry. NLP works and it works FAST. And, believe it or not, it makes scientific sense.

Richard M. Mucci M.D.

As my teacher you have taught me so much priceless tools to discover how I tick and as a result of these teachings I am now a more resourceful self, and I possess the ability to help myself out of moments of sadness. I have the ability to see situations from all angles,  like never before. I possess the ability to quickly and effortlessly resolve any hardship I may get myself into!   Most importantly I'm learning to help others through there own hardships by using NLP.
As my mentor, you Dr. Gary, are a very wise influential supporter. You always make yourself available in times of hardships. Your are an amazing teacher and have a natural ability to help me help others, using NLP, and I thank you for all your efforts! 
I see you commit magnanimous acts every time I'm with you!  You really do motivate me and I strive to be a leader as well.   You are an outstanding citizen and stay true to your Integrity! You and your show Dr. Gary's Daily Tune-Up's, are without a doubt a very valuable gift to anybody who watches it. I myself watch every day and truly benefit from your priceless and logical advice!!  
-Sofia Duran
Administrative Assistant

I have been both a client and a a student of Dr. Gary Daniel. I cannot stress enough the results and value I have received from NLP and Dr. Daniel's skillful mastery of NLP. He presents both therapy and education in ways that get results. I have literally been transformed into a more affective spouse, father and professional business leader. I have also referred many clients and friends to Dr. Daniel. I have been taught by some of the most prestigious lecturers and motivational speakers in country and Dr. Daniel ranks at the top. He has my highest recommendation and regard.

-Dr. Paul Yeager, D.D.S.
Dr. Gary Daniel has helped me immeasurably, by teaching me to use NLP and help myself. My growth has been astonishing! Before learning these amazingly efficient tools I had a lack of control, I was previously victimized by the shear idea of using a computer, I grew phobic at the sight of bridges, heights and knives. Now I can proudly say with confidence that, I am comfortable in those situations. Now, when they are ready, I also have the skills to help those around me that want to grow, and move out of the victim roll that they feel trapped by.

Nevuah Tova
Business Professional
Creating a better understanding of communication with people has developed for me a more positive and fulfilling life.  Dr. Gary shares his expert knowledge and understanding of the NLP process with individuals who choose to improve their lives.  Dr. Gary teaches NLP with text, lecture, group discussion and interaction in a caring positive and productive way.
I am grateful,
-Calvin Baker
Nursing Facility Owner
Particularly at this time of year I reflect on how fortunate I am and it occurs to me you have helped make it so. From the first time I met you, more years ago than I have fingers, you began your work, slowly and steady building my confidence then you educated me about NLP and have been with me through so many roller coaster rides and changes. You have been my teacher, my counselor, my friend and sometimes I think you may have created me (the good parts)  (grin) at the very least you help me find the good parts. I would not be the same person if not for you. Thank you. You have made standing tall, with a grin easy.  
Looking forward to the daily tune ups and our continued relationship
-Karla Stevens
Real Estate Executive
My wife will, I am sure be writing you herself, but I just wanted to let you and anyone else what you and your advice means to me. As you know I have never been a client but have seen your results. For the last several years my wife has listened to you (in person and phone and Internet) and from the time she first went to you there has been a positive change. She has certainly done much to help herself but you have given her the desire and support that she needed.
I will be forever thankful as it has made everything better in our family.
-Tim Barrow.

Just a note to say how much I learned from you. The sessions we had focusing on career and shifting energies in the right direction were spot on . During a very stressful work situation your coaching directed my energy in the perfect direction.  I really appreciate the work you are doing with my God-Daughter as she moves past some difficult times right now. What a journey

Best to you,

-Barb Belanyii

Exec. Major Market Newspaper


I am a 35 year old insurance professional from northern California. I have been under the tutelage of Dr. Gary Daniel for over 13 yeas now. Having Dr. Gary in my life has been invaluable!

I first came to know Dr Gary when he was hired to consult the motorcycle dealership I worked at when I was in my early twenties. In the short time Dr. Gary worked with my place of employment, he took a dysfunctional motley crew of rebels and turned us into a well oiled machine that ran better than our motorcycles! Dr. Gary's exhibited an amazing ability to bring about his lessons in such a way that they came out as our ideas (and our ability to have productive, safe communication). This made quite an impact on me as an employee and as a young man coming into adulthood. To this day I have not worked for a business that runs as well or that was as much fun as the Dr. Gary days back at that shop!


These days I can credit the lessons learned from Dr Gary for bringing me the success I have attained in my carrier. Also the state of peace and balance I find in my life right now. I must say, it's good to be me! What I mean by that is I'm happy! I cope! Life throws me just as many challenges as the next guy, however by leaning that I have the tools and flexibility to handle any situation, being me is awesome! I have Dr. Gary to thank for that.


Dr. Gary worked wonders with my employer and that rag tag group of cowboys we were! I work with Dr Gary as a private client. I have taken classes that Dr Gary has offered. I have seen felt and heard only the utmost care, kindness and professionalism come from Dr. Gary. I have also seen the same kind growth that I have come to know, in the other people that have been classmates and co-workers of mine under the teachings of Dr. Gary.


I would recommend Dr. Gary to anyone seeking peace or resolution in there life, or anyone wanting to shed fear. Perhaps someone that wants be free of poisonous thinking. Dr. Gary can help! Do you want to communicate with someone better? Would you like to have a better relationship with a spouse, children, your boss, a sibling, or maybe someone you think you hate but would love to like? Dr. Gary can help! I have seen the positive impact Dr. Gary has had in many lives. It is with deep gratitude that I write these words about Dr. Gary, and it is my wish that others find the same peace I have been shown!       



-Jake Ralston

Insurance Executive


My truth is this. Working with Dr. Gary Daniel did not only make me aware of the resources I have within myself and my life, it taught me how to use them. In addition to a mentor, I also obtained a profound friendship and rapport with him. His generosity allowed me to be a part of the NeuroFitness Institute Graduating Class of 2010, opened my eyes to compassion and a more effective way of communicating which is not prevalent in the world today.
His work ethic and his commitment to clients, friends and family is something to be admired. Putting others before himself, just to make this world a better place.
-Tracy Mora
Financial Professional

I don't even have the words to describe what a difference studying NLP with you and our group has made in my life. I am learning so much about how to make my life better and the lives of the people around me. You are an amazing teacher and a man that I am honored to be able to work with. Your no BS approach to teaching  and life is one of the things I respect most about you. I have seen first hand what amazing things NLP can do for people and look forward to continuing to study, learn, and work with you for a long time to come. Thank you for the opportunity to make my life even better!!!!!!!!!

-Maureen Gallagher
Business Owner

This letter is in support of Dr. Gary Daniel, as a remarkably positive influence in our culture today. His mission and goal in life is to assist as many people as he can to achieve their best selves. Personally, I have worked with Dr. Gary as an individual client and as a student of NLP. As a client, I experienced an opening in my mind that allowed me to see my part in creating the very things that did not work in my life. I have learned to make choices that have supported me in having a life that is simply true happiness today.

As a student of Dr. Gary's I have learned to pay very close attention to what comes out of my mouth because it is my words that shape my life. His unique teaching style is very conducive to true life-long learning. I am now much more effective in my own business and in my relationships with others. I truly believe that Dr. Gary is transforming our culture, one student, one client at a time by helping each person to reveal the true nature of their own being ~ a loving, capable person of integrity. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Daniel as an agent of positive change to anyone I meet.

-Elizabeth Ward

Body Worker & Counsilor

Dr. Daniel was my saving grace. He not only counseled me on  my mental/emotional health but also saved my marriage. He is very warm and very real ..what you see is what you get.the Truth.   And one of the most important accomplishments for me was, with Dr. Garys help,   quitting  Prozac, a 12 year dependence.. There's not a day  goes by that I don't remember where I came from, what it was like before I met him, and  what my life would be like if I hadn't. His method is very simple...he teaches you how to use your mind..  Thank you Dr.Daniel.
-Sharon Barrow

Retired Business Woman

  Dr. Gary Daniel has only offered the finest and most pristine teaching techniques with whomever he comes in contact with. Through these tools, he continues to create a ripple of positive change within his environment. Many have dedicated their time and support  to ensure the progression of this system. For one reason; effectiveness.

This institute supports fully and completely achieving our ultimate goals and dreams of the future. Uncovering any road blocks that may have been stopping us in the past along the way. I have made many new fiends in the process of working with NLP and I can say that the definition of  'Professional Help' is the NeuroFitness Institute. Become the best version of the person you wish to become. Sapere aude!
-Jana Valencia

Dr. Daniel is one of the most effective teacher and practitioners I have ever meet and his ethic, honor, and integrity are of the highest caliber. It is of the highest importance that dr. Daniels work continues for myself and the good of the world. He is the first pweson I have ever worked with that lives for the well being of the people he works with.  I find  working with min fun, inpredictable, and enguageing.  All I can say is if you follow his direction you will get results, however it is easy to second guess and get in your own way.  Just stay with it and let  him help you get what you want.

Gabriel  S.
Business Owner


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